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RE: Child's Way: America is the Right Home for Elian Gonzales [March 2000]

Child Better Off with Father
This is not a topic for a quick decision. I personally feel that the boy should be allowed to return to his father. I do understand the concerns of the Cuban Americans as to the well being of the boy after his return. While he may not have the freedoms we Americans have, we cannot simply say that he would be happier here than there. While it is possible for the child to have a wonderful life here in the U.S., I feel that he would be deprived of his fathers love. It is true, the longer he stays in the U.S. the more irreparable psychological damage there would be if he were to return to Cuba. I think it is tragic that the individuals who are making that statement believes that it wouldn't be more psychological damaging to keep him here.

There are tremendous differences between the two countries economically. Seems to me the real reason these people want to keep him here is because if he were returned, it would be to a poorer country with little chance to have the material things that are easily provided in this country. I would hate to think someone could think that way about my child if I were poor yet able to provide the necessities. In my opinion he should be reunited with his father.

Tue, 4 April 2000 18:32:54


Send the Right Wing Cuban-Americans Back
Interesting perspective. However it is the fanatical right wing of the Cuban-American community in Miami that has enslaved the Cuban people. Dont forget the destruction and corruption of the Batista government in which Castro came into power to fight for the injustices to the common man. It is this group that refuses to allow any stabilization or real dialogue to improve our relations with Cuba. Lifting of the embargo and allowing free trade with Cuba alone would help the Cuban people immensely, yet it is the right wing Cubans in Miami who have engineered such a narrow focus that this seems impossible. I say keep Elian here and send the rest of the Cubans in Miami back to Cuba!

Tue, 4 April 2000 21:43:33


Castro's Agenda
Elian Gonzales should remain in this country. His mother lost her life to reach freedom for her and her son. Cuba is not the place for him as they are using him for political reasons. Fidel Castro should not get his way. He lets other children drown when trying to reach this country. I will pray for Elian to stay here.

Sat, 8 April 2000 15:45:42


EXCELLENT job!...impressed by the quality of the magazine...layout of the magazine is far superior to the other online magazines I have seen...interesting and entertaining...I loved your Grammy-bashing piece...Nice Homer dude...I look forward to every issue...Elian Gonzalez should be allowed to stay.


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